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Bulit for everybody with unlimited unique features

You don't need to look for monetization solutions for your traffic anymore, explore the differences of sources and test it, wasting time and money. We did everything for you!

All you need is to have a high-quality traffic. The rest is our work.

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Multiple Advertising Formats

You have a lot of options to choose from. Several formats are already here and we are constantly adding new ones.


User clicks in any part of website and new window or tab appears behind the browser window of a website that a user has visited.

Direct Smartlink

SmartLink is a link containing various offers. You can bind it to button on your website and get paid for every click.

YagaLink - smart directlink CPM ads network for publishers

Yaga Push

This is a 2-in-1 solution to increase your profit: ready-made sets of landing pages with push subscriptions.

Yaga Fullscreen

Yaga Fullscreen is an interactive, full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host app or website. There are ready-to-use landings for you.

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This is a short FAQ list below. If you have any questions - just write us.

We accept all types of desktop and mobile traffic. From website or in-app. Any operating systems (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS and others). Adult and Mainstream. We do not accept hit-leap or artifical traffic generated by robot or program.
NET30 payments with minimum amount of $10. This is necessary due to the commission of payment systems. If you want to get your payments more frequently - ask your manager. First-time payment is always checking. It could take upto 2 weeks.
You can choose one of the many payment systems: WebMoney, Qiwi, Wire, Visa/Mastercard cards, Paypal and many others.
Register. Create Smartlink. Get link or popunder code and start earning.
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